07 October 2019

Grand Prix de Monaco, la légende

Exclusive screening & Panel discussion

This is the story of a bluff, on how the smallest country in the world managed to become the world’s capital of motor sport, while having no space for a real circuit.

The documentary recounts the great moments of racing, legendary battles, spectacular accidents, money wars and glamour… Narrated by Prince Albert II of Monaco, it tells the story of the «City Race» that all drivers dream of winning.

Through the exclusive testimonies of the greatest drivers and leaders of Formula 1, rare archives and scenes of reconstruction, « Grand Prix de Monaco, la légende » offers an exceptional deep dive into the heart of the most legendary car racing.

At the end of the screening, you will be able to participate in an exclusive exchange and ask your questions to French world champion Alain Prost along with Michel Ferry (Vice-president of Monaco Automobile Club), Christian Tornatore (General Commissioner of Monaco Automobile Club) and the documentary Producer Yann-Antony Noghès (Check Productions).

 Grand Prix de Monaco, la légende