02 April 2019

SPORTEL Awards celebrates its 30th anniversary!

For The 30th edition will take place on 4 days from October 20 to 23, 2019 to take full advantage of many public events and to celebrate sport as it should be.

Whilst waiting to reveal to you the program of this edition which promises to be rich and diverse, you can now discover the official poster of the 30th anniversary which highlights sport and the different emotions it arouses.

SPORTEL Awards celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Focus, effort, joy, determination, whether you are an accomplished sportsman, passionate or a simple spectator, everyone can feel these different emotions through sport and this is what the athletes represented in the visual embody.

The choice of colors went to white and gold to bring a chic and sleek side and black and white for the timeless message.

Finally, the video frame with the red dot and the “REC” in the corners and in the center, directly refers to the SPORTEL Awards competition which rewards the most beautiful sports video sequences.

To wait until the announcements of the 2019 SPORTELAwards programming, find us on our social networks on #SportelAwards.