25 January 2022

SPORTEL Awards 2022: heading towards the 33rd edition

After a 2021 edition full of discoveries, encounters and exchanges with numerous Tokyo 2020 medalists, SPORTEL Awards will be held this year from October 22 to 24, 2022!

In keeping with tradition, SPORTEL Awards will honor the most beautiful sports footage of the year as well as internationally renowned champions from various backgrounds. Signing sessions, public screenings and exclusive meetings will be organized during these three days of sport celebrations.

And to officially launch the SPORTEL Awards 2022 countdown, we invite you to discover the new official poster, which emphasizes minimalism and modernity.

After swimming and cycling, basketball is in the spotlight this year. But more than the actual sport, it is the dynamic and motion of a sport activity that is put forward.

The basketball player, who is the main focus of the poster, is voluntarily isolated on a studio background in order to perceive above all, the effort, dynamics of his posture and the emotion on his face.

In addition, a minimalist graphic style is used to reveal the main information of the visual: the name of the event placed at the center of the poster.

The graphic charter is based on a yellow and black bi-chromatic referring to SPORTEL Awards identity, with a typography in accordance with current modern fonts and a background left voluntarily plain and clear for a very modern look.

We look forward to revealing all throughout the year what SPORTEL Awards has in store for you!