The SPORTEL Awards is a competition created 28 years ago, in order to rewards the most beautiful sports videos and the most beautiful sports book of the year. Emotion, sport beauty and sporty gesture are the heart of this competition, divided in two categories:

The Golden Podiums Georges Bertellotti

The Golden Podium Competition rewards the world most beautiful sports videos of the year.

A Jury of high-profile sports and media personalities selects the sports footage that creatively brings out the emotion of sport historical achievements and the beauty of sports in the image.

The Sports Book Prize Renaud de Laborderie: 20th anniversary this year!

The Sports Book Prize rewards the best-illustrated sport book published over the year. This Prize was created 20 years ago.

The Jury selects internationally one book containing the most stunning illustrations of sport and showcasing the emotions behind sporting endeavours.

At SPORTELMonaco 2018, the Sports Book Prize will celebrate its 20th anniversary with an exhibition unveiling the winning books since 1998.