The Golden Podiums Georges Bertellotti

Best Slow Motion

Supported by FNOSC

FNOSC logo

Minimum length: 20 seconds, maximum length: 3 minutes
Rewards the best sport slow motion highlighting the emotion of the moment.
Prize: €5,000

Discovery Prize

Supported by SEB MAN

SEB MAN logo

Maximum length: 3 minutes
Rewards the best short film in sports, to discover one sport, one team or one sports personality.
Prize: €2,000

Innovation Prize

Supported by ONE Championship

ONE Championship logo

Maximum length: 2 minutes
Rewards a sequence that makes the headlines and shows an outstanding innovation in its production, image, format, or other.
Prize: €2,000

Best Promotion Programme

Supported by CPC & ASSOCIES


Maximum length: 1mn30
Rewards the best trailer, teaser or programme intro promoting sports in general, one sport in particular, one sport TV show, or one sport event.
Prize: €2,000

Advertising Prize - Christian Blachas

Supported by THIRTY NINE Monte Carlo

THIRTY NINE Monte Carlo logo

Maximum length: 1 minute
Rewards the creativity of an advertising film whose scenario involves sport.

Second Screen Prize

Maximum length: 3 minutes
Rewards a complementary service that enriches, for the viewers benefit, the offer of the sports programme broadcaster.

Jury Prize

The Jury choice: rewards the very favourite sequence of the Jury.

International Olympic Committee Grand Prize

Rewards the sequence that best conveys the Olympic values advocated by the IOC.
Prize: €3,500

The Sports Book Prize Renaud de Laborderie

Sports Book Prize – The Olympic Committee of Monaco

The Olympic Committee of Monaco

The Sports Book Prize rewards the best-illustrated sport book published over the year.
Prize: €4,000

Deux autres prix sont également remis lors de la Soirée des SPORTEL Awards :

Peace and Sport Documentary Prize

Peace and Sport logo

Rewards a filmmaker who, through a video clip or a movie, emphasises the positive role of sport in peace promotion.

Autobiography Prize

Awarded to the sports personality who has written the best autobiography of the year.