Since 2018 as part of the SPORTEL Awards, many public events have been organized with free access by booking: conferences and exclusive meetings, signing sessions … A way of honoring the sport, its champions and the values ​​they convey.

On the occasion of the SPORTEL Awards 2018, the public has already had the chance to meet track and field champion Linford Christie during a signing session, but it was also able to take part in an interactive conference with Didier Deschamps accompanied by Guy Stephan , his right hand man for several years and with whom he shared this last world cup. This event was an opportunity to discuss each other’s professional experiences, anecdotes and best moments during their respective careers. Emmanuel Le Ber and Théo Schuster, documentary directors of “ Les Bleus 2018: au coeur de l’épopée russe ” and Stéphane Meunier documentary director of ” Les yeux dans les bleus ” were also present at this exceptional event.