Esport Day Event : French League of Legends Final

10 players, 2 teams, 1 final. This new edition of the SPORTEL AWARDS will be the theater of the final confrontation of the most prestigious esport competition in France, the LFL: the French League of Legends.

Throughout the year the 8 best teams in France have been competing against each other on League of Legends, the most played Esport game in the world, with only one goal in mind: to become the French Champion

Ahead of this event will be the final of the “TFT Monaco Invitational by Shaunz” tournament, in partnership with the Monaco Esports Federation and the showmatch on League of Legends, between Domingo’s Team PAX and Chips and Noi’s Team O’gaming.

Here is the complete program of the day:

Showmatch TFT TFT Monaco Invitational by Shaunz

Showmatch Intel League of Legends, Domingo’s PAX Team and Chips and Noi’s Team O’gaming.

LFL Final

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Oct 26 2020


13 h 00 min

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Prince Pierre Auditorium, Grimaldi Forum