28 September 2016 Ivan Sarto

The Olympic champion Estelle Mossely in Monaco

Mossely-pic Freshly gold winner at the 2016 Rio Games, the boxer will attend #SPAW16! She will be a Jury member of the Golden Podium for our greatest pleasure.

Estelle Mossely was born in 1992. She practiced classic dance, figure skating and swimming, before discovering English boxing. At the age of 15, she became French champion and two years later, European champion. But, Estelle does not focus only on sport but also on her studies. After being graduated from high school, she was admitted to a prestigious School of Engineering.

She won the 2016 World Championship. This title opened her the doors to the Rio Olympic Games. She flew to Rio with her fiancé, Tony Yoka. They both won gold in Rio and they became together a symbol in Rio, the “golden couple”.

Come to congratulate the Olympic champion during the #SPAW16!

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