Candice Prevost on the rock of Monaco!

26 August 2016
26 August 2016 Ivan Sarto

Candice Prevost on the rock of Monaco!

Candice PrevostThe former player of the french football team joins the 2016 Best International Advertising Film Jury.

Candice Prevost is a French football player. She was born in 1983 in Evreux. She started her career playing in Evreux Athletic Club before joining Paris Saint Germain (PSG) in 2003 as an attacking player. During these 9 years with the PSG Club, she got 4 appearances for France. In 2010, with her team, she won the French football Cup against Montpellier and became vice-champion of France in 2011. Plus, Candice Prevost carried the Olympic Flame in Paris for the Beijing Olympics in 2008.
At the 2011 and 2015 Women’s Football World Cup, she was a consultant for Eurosport France.
Candice Prevost has been elected to the popular amateur soccer league and is now the Director of the National Authority of School Sport.

Let’s warmly welcome Candice at the #SPAW16!

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