29 July 2016 Ivan Sarto

Phillipe Guillard, welcome on Jury Board of the Golden Podium

Photo DPPhillipe Guillard is a jury member of the Golden Podium Competition at SPORTEL AWARDS 2016.
Philippe Guillard was born in 1961 in Guadeloupe. He lives there until the age of 16, and then he moved to Fontainebleau for 5 years before definitively moving to Paris.

He played football from age 6 to 14 but his passion for rugby led him to join the Sporting Club University of France (S.C.U.F) in 1981. Then, he pursed a successful career between 1982 and 1993 by joining the Racing Club of France. He became champion of France in 1990.

In 1993, he started working in the rugby department at Canal+. In the same time, as he liked writing, he published two novels:
– “Pourquoi c’est comment l’amour?” (Franc dire editions), 1991
– “Petits bruits de couloir” (table ronde editions), 1999, which received the Great Prize for Sports Literature

Between 2001 and 2013, he was co-author of 5-feature film including “3 zéros” (2001), “Camping” (2006), “Disco” (2008), “Camping 2” (2010) and “Turf” (2013). He became author-director of his two first feature film: “Le fils à Jo” (2011) and “On voulait tout casser” (2015).

During 2015, Philippe Guillard is presenter at Canal+ for the Canal Rugby Club programme. For now, he is writing his third feature film.