29 July 2016 Ivan Sarto

Anne Quéméré, the Jury President of the SPORTS BOOK PRIZE!



Anne Quéméré was born in Quimper, Brittany, where she grew up. She was about 20 when she moved to the United States and settled down first in Louisiana, then in New York where she gave lectures for 10 years.

In 2000, she came back to her homeland, Brittany. She started training in rowing and finally decided in 2002, she would go across the Atlantic Ocean, rowing solo and without assistance. She travelled from Canary Islands to the West Indies and completed her crossing in 56 days, breaking the women’s world record. It did not take her long before she decides on another challenge and right after coming back to Brittany, she planned another odyssey: rowing the North Atlantic ocean solo and without assistance. She left Cap Cod (USA) mid-June 2004 and reached Brittany’s seashore 87 days later after experiencing rough weather conditions. She broke once again the women’s world record. Then, in 2006, she crossed the North Atlantic but this time by kite boat (a 6 meters long prototype pulled by a kite). It took her 55 days to kite solo across the ocean. This trip was a world’s premiere.
In the summer of 2010, she joined an expedition in Greenland. The goal was to raise awareness among the general public of ice floe destruction. A year later, Anne Quéméré aboard her kite boat sailed across the Pacific Ocean, solo and without assistance. This 78 days journey was again a world’s premiere.
When she is not alone in the middle of oceans, Anne Quéméré spends most of her time writing articles, sharing her travels, giving lectures or talking about concerning topics such as the future of our planet.

Anne Quéméré, welcome to SPAW16!

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