5 October 2015 Ivan Sarto

Loic Pietri, a Jury member of the Golden Podium Competition

Loic PietriLoic Pietri will be a Jury member of the Golden Podium Competition for the second consecutive year!

Loic Pietri began practicing judo at the age of 6 in the Judo Club in Monaco. His coach was his father Marcel PIETRI, former member of the French Judo Team, vice-European Champion and winner of the Paris tournament.

In 2005, Loic joined the Pôle Espoir of the Imperial Park high school. In 2005 and 2006 he achieved three titles of the French Junior Championships (UNSS & federal). Three years later, in 2009, a few months after joining the INSEP he signed with Judo Olympique Club in Nice. He confirmed his potential by becoming a Junior Champion of the French, European and World Championships. One of the few french judokas who have achieved three titles.

Loic Pietri and Teddy Riner are the only to win double titles of the Junior and Senior Judo World Championships. Among the seniors, Pietri was quickly noticed for his explosive judo and its extensive technics. He became world champion in 2013 in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 23. He is the first French judoka to have a title of World Champion in the category of less than 81kg and the 10th french male judoka to become world champion. Since his first Olympic Games he has never conceded his rivals, he is the only male french judoka to achive 6 consecutive golden medals.




European Junior Champion 2009

World Junior Champion 2009

World Champion 2013

3rd European Championship 2013

3rd World Championship 2014

European vice-Champion 2014

World vice-Champion 2015

3rd European Championship

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