5 August 2015 Ivan Sarto

Nikola Karabatic and Claude Onesta

Karabatic et OnestaH.S.H Prince Albert II hosted Nikola Karabatic and Claude Onesta during SPORTEL 2012.

Claude Onesta is the coach of the « Barjots » and the « Experts » : the best French teams of the History.

With great success, he manages French Team since 2001 and has one of the best record of Handball Coach. Twice Olympic Champion, triple World Champion and triple European Champion.

A player of his selection shares the same international records : Nikola Karabatic. Widely regarded as one of the best players of the world with his power, cleverness, and technical skills, the French-Serbian was named World Best Player in 2007 and 2014. Nikola Karabatic has one of the most prestigious records of Handball History.

Played few year in the french championship (Montpellier HB) and Germany (THW Kiel), Nikola has won many times those championships. After having been in FC Barcelona 2 years where he won the Champions League, King Cup, ASOBAL Cup and Spain Supercup, he will play this year for PSG. We wish him good luck for his new challenge.




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