The Golden Podium Georges Bertellotti

Original sculpture by Raymond Moretti

The Golden Podium Competition rewards the world most beautiful sports videos of the year.

A Jury of high-profile sports and media personalities selects the sports footage that creatively brings out the emotion of sport historical achievements and the beauty of sports in the image.


Best Slow Motion

Supported by FNOSC
Minimum length: 20 seconds, maximum length: 3 minutes
Rewards the best sport slow motion highlighting the emotion of the moment.
FNOSC Prize: €3,500

Discovery Prize

Supported by RMC
Maximum length: 3 minutes
Rewards the best short film in sports (topic, documentary, biopic or interview), to discover one sport, one team or one sports personality.

Innovation Prize

Supported by Puressentiel
Maximum length: 2 minutes
Rewards a sequence that makes the headlines and shows an outstanding innovation in its production, image, format, or other.
Puressentiel Prize: €2,000


Best Promotion Programme

Supported by CPC & ASSOCIES
Maximum length: 1mn30
Rewards the best trailer, teaser or programme intro promoting sports in general, one sport in particular, one sport TV show, or one sport event.
CPC & ASSOCIES Prize: €2,000

Advertising Prize - Christian Blachas

Supported by Form and You
Maximum length: 1 minute
Rewards the creativity of an advertising film whose scenario involves sport.

Second Screen Prize

NEW Maximum length: 2 minutes
Rewards a complementary service (application, internet content accessible via tablet or smartphone) that enriches, for the viewers benefit, the offer of the sports programme broadcaster.


Prize of the Jury

Supported by Lacoste
The Jury choice: rewards the very favourite sequence of the Jury.
Prize: €2,000

Peace and Sport Documentary Prize

The Peace and Sport Documentary Prize rewards a filmmaker who, through a video clip or a movie, emphasizes the positive role of sport in peace promotion.

International Olympic Committee Grand Prize

Rewards the sequence that best conveys the Olympic values advocated by the IOC.
Prize: €3,500


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  • SPORTEL gives me the opportunity to spread the Paralympic messages.

    Richard Whitehead
  • I am very happy and proud to be here.

    Florent Amodio
  • It is good to be here and I think that this is a great and different experience.

    Donovan Bailey
  • I enjoy the party celebrating my book.

    Dan Carter
  • I have never been a member of a Jury, so I am going to try to do my best.

    Djibril Cissé
  • Ever since we arrived in Monaco it has been a magical experience.

    Elodie Clouvel
  • SPORTEL is always an exceptional event.

    Philippe Saint-André
  • SPORTEL Monaco is an extremely well-organized sports marketing and media convention and I was really lucky to be invited.

    Jonathan Aka
  • It is my first time at SPORTEL Monaco and I have been very impressed by the quality of the event.

    Max Guazzini
  • I’m so Lucky to be with a great champion!! Evander Holyfield at @sportel_awards

    Christophe Soumillon
  • Great to meet Muriel Hurtis @HURTIS1 at @sportel_awards !

    Evander Holyfield
  • I am really impressed about the quality of the videos that entered the competition. I’m happy to see the progress and the new technical updates that are brought to the media broadcasting life here in SPORTEL in Monaco.

    Danka Bartekova
  • How lucky I am to have met one the greatest sports stars ever, Mike Tyson! @AS_Monaco @MikeTyson

    Valère Germain
  • I’m very honored to be invited for the first time at SPORTEL as a Jury member of the Sports Book Competition. Every country has its way of getting a message through books and it’s quite interesting.

    Ladji Doucoure
  • It is a big honour for me to be part of SPORTEL and moreover to be a Jury member.

    Marion Bartoli
  • It’s my first time at SPORTEL, I didn’t know what is it all about, but now I know how it’s important to have more media in Sport.

    Romain Febvre
  • This is my second year at SPORTEL and I’m very happy to come. It’s a very beautiful event about Sports Media.

    Muriel Hurtis
  • We usually like how the ad can hit people’s mind and make them react. I believe sports people are very keen on the emotion transfered through the advertising.

    Gerard Houiller

The Sports Book Prize Renaud de Laborderie

The Sports Book Prize rewards the best illustrated sports books published over the year.

The Jury selects internationally the 2 books containing the most stunning illustrations of sport and showcasing the emotions behind sporting endeavours.

SPORTEL rewards as well every year the “Autobiography Prize” to the sports personality who has written the best autobiography of the year.

Original sculpture by Didier Noisetier


 It is not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters. 

Evander Holyfield


  • MOC
  • L'Equipe
  • RMC
  • CPC & Associés
  • Puressentiel
  • Lacoste
  • Form & You
  • Groupe Segond Automobiles
  • Peace and Sport


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